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Home Insurance

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  Importance of Home Insurance  A home is often the largest financial investment someone will ever make. Depending on coverage, home insurance can ensure that investment is protected in the event of a fire, flood, theft or natural disaster by providing financial aid to help cover the cost to replace or repair damages or stolen goods. There are a variety of coverages that may apply,...Read More

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What is an APPRAISAL

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    What are their purpose? A home appraisal determines the professional opinion of a property’s true market value, whether it’s a house, condominium or vacant land. Typically, appraisals are used to assist in the decision making process of purchasing, selling or refinancing a home. Why are they important to have? An appraisal helps a seller list their home for a fair pri...Read More

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Greater Toronto Area Sale are 8.2% per cent increase compared to January 2015. 

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February 3, 2016 -- Toronto Real Estate Board President Mark McLean announced Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 4,672 residential transactions through TREB's MLS® System in January 2016. This result represented an 8.2 per cent increase compared to January 2015.  It is clear that the handoff from 2015 to 2016 was a strong one. This is not surprising given that recent polling...Read More

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Earn Even More Air Miles Reward Air Miles

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Get up to 5,000 AIR MILES® Reward Miles when you buy & sell!  It’s the CENTURY 21 Extra Miles event – Only until February 29, 2016.   CENTURY 21 wants you to feel at home. That’s why we add value on your journey to a new place.   Buy a new home and get 2,500 Miles. Sell your home and get 2,500 Miles.   That’s 5,000 Miles in total  ?  en...Read More

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Market Watch - ownership housing is expected to remain very strong in 2016

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  Market Watch   TREB MLS® Home Sales in 2015 January 6, 2016 -- The second best sales result on record for December capped off a record year for TREB MLS® home sales in the GTA. Toronto Real Estate Board President Mark McLean announced that there were 4,945 sales reported in December bringing the 2015 calendar year total to 101,299 – a substantial 9.2 p...Read More

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Your Realtor® is Asking questions because… … it’s the law

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  We often as a Realtor try to get peoples opinion what they think about our services, and our way of conducting daily business, and we found out that people say Realtors ask too many questions, let me tell all the people who are looking to buy or Sell in Canada, It's the Law to ask questions, Realtor simply try to comply with the federal law. I did my research and found about infor...Read More

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8 Holiday gifts for your Home

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Enter Blog Post H ouse is a building that functions as a home, and to make it a Home this building required some regular maintenance. If you are thinking to sell your Your Home after this holiday season give your Home a little appreciation on this Holiday Season so that the Buyers can apperciate as well.. By picking at least one of the following labor work, wtih tiny cost and ...Read More

Real Estate Agent in Milton - Milton Real estate Agent

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Real Estate Agent in Milton - Milton Real estate Agent

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Are You looking to Sell or buy a home in Milton, the first thing is to find out the right value of your own home, to see how much equity you have to buy for your next home.. this can be used towards upgrading or down grading. or If you are a first time buyer or upgrading or down grading yourself, i can help in either way.. Guiding you to Buy a right house requires a lot of skill knowledge of loca...Read More

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8 Holiday Gifts For Your Home

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        ...Read More

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Bill 55 - Phantom Offers

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Effective July 1st brokerages must keep copies of “all” offers for a period of one year. Bill 55 does not apply to offers for lease. Applies to all offers presented and not just multiple offer scenarios. An alternative to keeping a copy of each page of the offer is to keep a one page “Summary Document” New Form 801 Note accepted offers must be kept for 6 years (that has alw...Read More