How We Sell in 30 Days & Our Written Guarantee

SeLL Your Home At or Above Market Value With the Closing date that is acceptable to you.



Q. Do I have to pay for Home Evaluation?
A. No it's completely free

Q. What is your marketing plan to sell my home?
A. Our Marketing Plan has 3 phases, Phase 1: Prior to the listings, Phase 2: During the Listing,  Phase 3: After the firm sale.

Q. What's Your Marketing Plan Called?
A. Our Marketing Plan Called (I.M.S). I'm sure it will be new for most of the people. 

Q. What is your business philosophy & marketing plan?
A.  We Provide a written complete business plan along with our business philosophy. 

Q. I`m listing with another Realtor can i ask you to give us a 2nd Opinion?
A.  Yes.. Always, with no obligation to you, my goal is to help in any manner. 

Q. How do you define properties that are not salable in 30 Days?
A. I will tell you upfront, i will give you the right advise why it can not be sell in 30 days, but There are about 10 factors that affect your house sale. When you are ready to sell, give us a call or Send us an Email: [email protected], we will be more than happy to Explain it to you. 

Q. Do you provide a written Guarantee?
A. Absolutely Yes.

Q. What, if my house does Not Sell in 30 Days?
A. We have a great strategic market plan. We believe and we work hard to sell your home in 30 days, but if we are unable to sell it in 30 days, We will simply Sell it for Free.

Q. Do you buy a property if you can not sell in 30 Days.
A. No, As an Agent my Job is to SeLL not to buy.. i will not promise any False promises, I will promoise only what i can deliver in my Capacity. 

Q. Free, You mean I don't absolutely have to pay anything?
A.There are two parts of the payment: Listing side commission, and Co-operating Agent side commission. Listing side commission portion will be waived after 30 days.

Q. How much is the Co-operating Brokerage side Commission?
A. 2.5% + HST.

Q. As my agent how much Commission do you charge?
A. We have unique Commission Packages, each of the package is designed with a lot of research, We believe that commission should be very very fair for the sellers. Call us for details.

Q. Can I cancel my contract?
A. Yes! you can, All we need is 48 Hours Notice.

Q. How do you differentiate from others?
A. I have been in the business from past 10 years, best thing i would say you can ask my previouse clients, Read my Testimonial. We stand behind our words, We know from the start of the listing contract that if we do not work hard to sell the property. It would lead to not getting paid after 30 Days, So Our       ambition is to have all steps right in place in order to sell your property.

Q. Do you charge any fees for cancellation or for marketing?
A. No, not at all.

Q. Can you examine a property and give us a suggestion without listing it with you?
A. Absolutely Yes, Give me call at (416-986-7862) any time and I can schedule a meeting with you.

Q. Do you have contractor for small cosmetic work which is required prior to the listing?
A. Yes, I have a few handy people, they can take care anything related to house.

Q. Do you provide references?
A. Yes, we can provide references.

If you still have any question or like to know more about our listing marketing plan please feel free to contact us.


Asif Shahzad & Team SeLL in 30 Days.
Dir: 416-986-7862
[email protected]
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